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About the Festival

GALA Choruses (pronounced GAY-la)  is the Gay and Lesbian Association of Choruses. Founded in 1982, GALA leads the LGBTQ+ choral movement. It strives to empower its member choruses to change the world through song.

The GALA Festival is an international choral celebration held every four years in a different host city. For those choristers, volunteers, and supporters who are able to attend, it is a transformative and joyous experience – never to be forgotten!

Festival 2020 Minneapolis — held on July 4-8, 2020, with more than 6000 diverse singers representing over 100 choruses and ensembles from North America and around the world — will take over downtown Minneapolis for five powerful days of concerts, festivities, and community-building. The primary performance spaces will be Orchestra Hall, the Convention Center, and Central Lutheran Church.

Attending GALA can be costly for our members. To help offset these expenses, the Chorale maintains a special GALA Fund. To make a contribution, select “GALA Fund” under the “Choose Which Fund” field when completing the donation form.

GALA 2020
GALA 2020
GALA 2020

The Rainbow Chorale of Delaware has been a member of GALA Choruses since 1999 and has attended six official GALA-sponsored events:

  1. Regional Festival 2002 Cincinnati
  2. Festival VIIe 2004 Montreal
  3. Carnegie Hall 2006 New York
  4. Festival 2008 Miami
  5. Festival 2012 Denver
  6. Festival 2016 Denver
  7. Festival 2020 Minneapolis (planning stages)

The Rainbow Chorale of Delaware is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The donation methods listed here are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.