Rainbow Chorale of Delaware Organization

Board Directors 2024

  • Melanie Dawn Smith, President
  • Julie Hilfiker, Vice-President
  • Maggie Kettlewood, Secretary
  • Mary Reppy, Treasurer, Marketing & Publicity Chair
  • Jacob Dums, Board Development & Governance Chair
  • Camilo Matos, Funds Development Chair
  • Kym Thompson, Membership Chair
  • Barbara Williams, Artistic Chair

Board Advisors

  • Jon Timmons, Artistic Director
  • Mikey Reppy, Production Chair
  • Bob Twaddell, Member Liaison

Staff and Key Volunteers

  • Jon Timmons, Artistic Director
  • Kevin Mucchetti, Collaborative Pianist
  • Debbie McCall, Rainbow Connector Newsletter
  • Karrianne Funer, Live Stream
  • Mary Reppy, Webmaster
  • Tom Shaw-Gardner, Door Greeter
  • Jerome Simmons, Librarian