RCD portrait 2018-2019

Don’t want to be a singing member but want to be involved? The Rainbow Chorale of Delaware has many opportunities for those who are shy about singing. There is a host of opportunities to volunteer time or services in support of the organization.

Consider volunteering for one of our committees. For information regarding any of these opportunities send us an email. Your help is greatly appreciated. Some examples of where you may help include:

Production Coordination

Every concert performance is an opportunity for you to be involved. By volunteering, you allow our singing members to concentrate on the business at hand: Making Beautiful Music. Consider volunteering by assisting at the door, serving as an usher, or helping with the set up of our concert venues. In addition to our concert venues, consider assisting with our Outreach functions which help to deliver our message into the community.

Financial Development

The Rainbow Chorale of Delaware would not be where we are without the support of our communities. Consider making a donation to our Scholarship Fund, or perhaps underwriting some of our expenses.


Help us send our message onto the community. Assist by selling advertisements for our concert programs, distributing concert flyers, attending our functions such as the ever popular Bingo events, and talking to members of your community.