Membership Dues

Click an Add-To-Cart button below to pay your membership dues using PayPal or credit card. You may pay for each trimester separately, or multiple trimesters at once, in one transaction. Dues for each trimester are due by the 5th rehearsal of the trimester (February 3rd 2020). The full season discount is no longer available.

Scholarship Fund

If you feel inclined to help a fellow member with their dues, please use the RCD Donation Form to make a donation. You can also donate to the Scholarship Fund for use by any member in need. To make a donation on behalf of a specific member, in the “Which Fund” field, choose “Scholarship Fund.” Then use the “Company” field to communicate who you are assisting. (If you are making an overall donation to the fund you can leave this field blank). By default, the person being assisted will not be told who assisted them. That will be kept private.

Pay Dues Here

Winter 2020 Trimester — $60

Spring 2020 Trimester — $60