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Laurance A. and Mary E. Luder

Marcia Roe

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Richard and Kim Facciolo

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William Shaw-Gardner


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Dr. Elsie Lund

In Memory of Roberta Ray.
May the Lord hold your hand
and bless your soul.
All our love, Rupa and Donny

Janet P. Kramer

Jhoel Mercado

John Killingsworth & Timothy Gniewoz

Khea Bright Gregson

Patricia D. Harris

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Dana L. and Julie B. Dawson –
In Loving Memory of Roberta Ray

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Donna Simmonsen

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Grace A Pesikey and Janet Urdahl

Gus Mercante and Justin Bartels

In Memory of Roberta Ray (2)

In Memory of Roberta Ray –
Gail Womble

Jacob Dums

Katee Boyle

Marilyn and Steve Stephenson

Melanie Dawn Smith

Mike Hovendick

Norma Joyce, Perry Johnson, and
Joyce P. Johnson

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Terry Langrehr


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